Rennie Pilgrem




Rennie's work was selected for the 2013 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and at the time of writing he has another work short-listed for the 2014 Exhibition.

Originally from Kent, Rennie Pilgrem lives and works in London.

He is one of a growing breed of post-digital ‘freestyle’ artists who’s

work encompasses everything from film, photography, painting, 

illustration and sound. Best known for his award-winning music, he has performed 

around the world, often using photographs taken on his travels 

as his starting point for new work. He is currently creating a series of works that explore the use of grain, whether it be digital, reliefs or painting.






Rennie Grew up in Kent where he attendeed Maidstone Grammar Shool. He went to Watford Art College to study advertising copywriting. He set-up 'The Control Room' a creative consultancy before leaving to make things out of copper and steel. The early '90's saw Rennie discover 'Rave' and he became a celebrated dance music producer with his own label 'TCR'. For 20 years he released scores of records and toured the World as a DJ.

Fast forward to 2013 and Rennie has been doing art for a while and enters the RA Competition for the first time. Both pieces are short-listed and 'Barn' is selected. In 2014  'Coach' was short-listed for 2014. 'Maison 2' was short-listed in 2015. Rennie was selected from over 700 artists to show at 'The Other Art Fair' (for 120 emerging artists) in London in April 2015.


Exhibition History

2017 Below65 Gallery MaidstoneSolo Show
2017 The other Fair, BristolSelected
2017 The Other Art Fair, HolbornSelected
2016 The Other Art Fair, BristolSelected
2016 The Other Art Fair, HolbornSelected
2015 The Other Art Fair Holborn, LondonSelected
2015 Royal Academy Summer ExhibitionShort-listed
2014 London Print Studio Summer ExhibitionSelected
2014 Salisbury Summer ExhibitionSelected
2014 Royal Academy Summer ExhibitionShort-listed
2013 Royal Academy Summer ExhibitionSelected